My 5th Birthday

On 31st August 2004, at 8:40 am, mama gave birth to me.
Doctor had to cut mama's tummy to take me out because I couldn't go out naturally.
That's what daddy told me.
Daddy also told me that my birthday is also a very special day.
On that day my country celebrates its Independence Day!
I am so proud to be a Merdeka baby.
Thank you, Mama.
I am grateful and will not forget your sacrifice.

~ Today ~
Yeah...! I am 5 years old.
I am a big girl.

I celebrate my 5th birthday at my aunt's house with my family, cousins, aunt and grandma.
Daddy bought me a very nice cake.
Daddy even let me choose the cake design.
Look... nice or not?
As promised, daddy let me project (do what I want to do) the cake.
But as I said earlier I am a big girl now.
I didn't project the cake.
I cut the cake and served it to my guest.
Hmmm... the cake is yummy!
Everybody loves it.
I am so happy.

Thank you mama & daddy.
I love both of you dearly.