My Father Is My Hero- Happy Father's Day!

I have a father.
My father is kind and a very handsome man.
My father is cleaver and hardworking too.
My father reads story for me every night.
I am very lucky.
My father loves me.
I love my father too.
He is the best father in the world.

I love you, daddy!

Thank you so much for taking care of me and loving me unconditionally.
I am so proud of you, daddy.
You are my everything.
I love you so very too much, daddy.

Me and My Younger Sister

I love my sister.

She is almost seven months old.

She likes book.

I also like book.

I want to teach my sister to read book.

Just like my daddy,

every night daddy reads story book for me.

My Visit to The Dentist

A dentist takes care of our teeth.

The first time I went to a dentist was during the school holidays.

I was not scared at all.

I was so excited.

When the dentist asked me to open my mouth,

I opened my mouth widely.

The dentist had to fill my tooth because there was a small hole.

I didn't scare at all.

There was no pain at all.

My mama said I was a brave girl.

I was so happy.