I Like...

I like to play in the playground.

But my daddy is busy.

Mama also busy.

They are too busy to take me to the playground.

I cannot go alone.

Because there are bad uncles out there.

I scared of bad uncles.

I love water.

I like to swim.

My jie-jie also likes to swim.

But she scared of water.

She doesn't like to bath. (Yiiii... chou-chou!)

I like to 'project'.

I used to 'project' my daddy's wallet.

Daddy has a lot of blue colour money, but i like the red one!

I like to 'project'.

I can 'project' anything.

Mama always tells me not to 'project', not to mess the house....

But i never listened to her.

See, what happened to my toe!

Although my mama is angry with me, she always loves me.

She loves me and daddy (can share?).

First Time in the Zoo

Why i look so sad?

No. I am not sad.

I was shocked by the elephant in the zoo.

My first time in my life to the National Zoo was on Sept. 17th 2006.

I went there with my family members.

Daddy, mama, jie-jie and abang.

I love animals.

I love the elephant, monkey, cow, pikachu, moji, doremon...
(mmm... is pikachu, moji, doremon an animal?)

If they are animals, why i could not find them in the zoo?

I only found flamingo in the zoo. (Sigh!)


My Birthday

I have a very special birthdate (thanks to my daddy and mama).

My birthday is on 31st August.

I was born in year 2004.

I love to eat cake.

But i also love to 'project' cake!

When I'm 5 years old, i want to 'project' more cakes! Hehehe...

To Know Me is To Love Me

Who is this?

This is Izzabella.

I am Puteri Izzabella Yeo.

I am 4 years old.

I love my daddy.

I love my mama.

I love my jie-jie and abang.

I love my family.