I Love to Paint

Me & my art works

I love to draw and paint.
One fine day, my eldest cousin sister, Nadia let me paint her bedroom wall.

Look at the penguin on the t-shirt that I'm wearing and on the wall.
Aren't they similar?
Yes! I did that.
And so proud about it.

Not just that, I also painted the painting that I'm holding.
Isn't it nice? It is my masterpiece.
And I am proud of it too.

My 5th Birthday

On 31st August 2004, at 8:40 am, mama gave birth to me.
Doctor had to cut mama's tummy to take me out because I couldn't go out naturally.
That's what daddy told me.
Daddy also told me that my birthday is also a very special day.
On that day my country celebrates its Independence Day!
I am so proud to be a Merdeka baby.
Thank you, Mama.
I am grateful and will not forget your sacrifice.

~ Today ~
Yeah...! I am 5 years old.
I am a big girl.

I celebrate my 5th birthday at my aunt's house with my family, cousins, aunt and grandma.
Daddy bought me a very nice cake.
Daddy even let me choose the cake design.
Look... nice or not?
As promised, daddy let me project (do what I want to do) the cake.
But as I said earlier I am a big girl now.
I didn't project the cake.
I cut the cake and served it to my guest.
Hmmm... the cake is yummy!
Everybody loves it.
I am so happy.

Thank you mama & daddy.
I love both of you dearly.

I Like To Play Make Up Game

I like to play online make up games.
I only play after I finished my homeworks.
I love to play online games in
There is many games in that website.
I like to play the princess make-up games.
I like make-up games because it makes my imagination flows.
I also like my cousin sister to make-up me because she makes me look pretty.
I like to play with mama's make-up.
But, mama will scold me if she found out that I play her make-up.
I am so naughty!

I Love My Cousins

My cheeky and handsome cousins

I have two cousin brothers.
Daniel is 6 years old.
Harith is 4 years old.
They are my late aunt's.
They live with my grandma.

They are funny too

I like to play with them.
I played with them whenever we met at my aunt's house.
I played hide and seek with them.
It was so fun.
I wish I could play with them everyday.

An Evening at the Playground

One evening daddy took me to a playround near our house.

I was so excited.

I haven't been to the playround for quite sometime because daddy was too busy with his works.

I was so happy that daddy could spare his time for me.

Thank you, daddy.

You are a wonderful daddy.

I Love Shooting

Today is my first time acting in front of the camera.

It is for a Malay drama Impian which will be shown on TV3 every Tuesday, 11pm.

I only took part in one of the episode.

It is episode 23.

I love shooting drama.

All the production crew members like me.

This is Kak Lufya Omar.

I like her because she is very pretty.

I love shooting drama.

I can help daddy to earn extra money.

When I have extra money, I can buy present for mama.

I can buy myself a tea party set toy.

My Trip to KLCC

Last Saturday daddy took my family to KLCC.
That was my first trip to KLCC.
All this while I just looked at it from far-far away everytime we went to my aunt's and grandma's.
I was a bit shocked. It was a very huge and gigantic building.
Unfortunely, we were only there for a very short time because my daddy had a work to do at KL Convention Centre.
I wish we could go there again. I want to explore the famous playground that everybody been talking about!

I Really Love to Play at The Playground

One fine Sunday, i followed my mama to her friend's house in Taman Subang Pinggiran.
On our back home I saw a beautiful playground.
My mama only let me played for about 10 minutes only.
Mama said she has lots of other things to do in other places.
Sadly I bid my farewell to the playground.
I wish I could go there again one fine day.

I Really Love Apple!

I really love to eat apple.
Apple is so yummy, juicy and healthy.
Mama said, an apple a day keep the doctor away.
So, I eat apple almost everyday.
Daddy will buy the apples for me from Econsave.

Before, I don't like to share my apple with others.
I wanted to enjoy the big apple all by myself.
Now, I like to share my apple with my baby sister.
I pity her because she has no tooth yet, she could not take a bite of the yummy and juicy apple.

My Father Is My Hero- Happy Father's Day!

I have a father.
My father is kind and a very handsome man.
My father is cleaver and hardworking too.
My father reads story for me every night.
I am very lucky.
My father loves me.
I love my father too.
He is the best father in the world.

I love you, daddy!

Thank you so much for taking care of me and loving me unconditionally.
I am so proud of you, daddy.
You are my everything.
I love you so very too much, daddy.

Me and My Younger Sister

I love my sister.

She is almost seven months old.

She likes book.

I also like book.

I want to teach my sister to read book.

Just like my daddy,

every night daddy reads story book for me.

My Visit to The Dentist

A dentist takes care of our teeth.

The first time I went to a dentist was during the school holidays.

I was not scared at all.

I was so excited.

When the dentist asked me to open my mouth,

I opened my mouth widely.

The dentist had to fill my tooth because there was a small hole.

I didn't scare at all.

There was no pain at all.

My mama said I was a brave girl.

I was so happy.

At The Seaside

My favourite beach is at Port Dickson.
Many peoples like to go to the beach.
My family also like to go there.

The sand on the beach is soft.
The sand is also wet.
I like to play with the sand.
It is fun.

It is wonderful to swim in the sea.
The water is cool and salty.
But, I cannot swim in the sea.
The waves are strong.
It might carry me away.
It is dangerous.
I might drown.